Why are we not happy with all the choices in our lives?

man in the center of a hall with many doors and windows unable to decide
Photo by Jan Genge

Have you ever felt the frustration of choosing one toothpaste or one goddam tissue paper from rows and rows of similar products from various brands?

All features are same; all prices are similar — then what’s the point!

We humans love choices but their sheer abundance is making most of us unnecessarily anxious.

Don’t get me wrong… choices are good. In fact, they make us happy and empower us. But, after a certain extent, they stress us out and make it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to take a decision.

Abundance of choices often leads to depression and feelings of loneliness.

David Myers

Choice overload is a serious problem affecting many people globally. In some cases, it leads to choice paralysis when people try to avoid making a decision for as long as possible.

The sustainable products’ market brings an eco-friendly solution to this global issue. By restricting ourselves to sustainable and ethical products, we can solve our shopping anxiety and reclaim our peace and happiness.

To know more about how you can beat choice overload and decision anxiety through sustainable living, read my guest post at Unsustainable Magazine.

Sonia Ahmed
Why are we not happy with all the choices in our lives?

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